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The old driver came to tell you, what is the real function of tire pressure monitoring?

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First of all, it should be made clear that tire pressure monitoring can not completely prevent unexpected tire burst. The function of tire pressure monitoring is to monitor the pressure status in tire in real time. When the temperature is higher, the rolling resistance of tire increases, or the friction with the ground increases, the pressure in tire is larger than usual. At present, some high-end tire pressure monitoring, when the tire pressure is too high or too low, will automatically issue a prompt sound. Especially when driving on expressways, if the pressure of tyres is found to exceed 3.0 Bar, it is better to let off some of the gas in the tyres to prevent the tyre burst caused by excessive tyre pressure.
However, it is not common for tires to burst simply because of high tire pressure. Most of the cases are due to tire aging or damage. Some people feel that their car seldom drives at ordinary times, and the mileage of the car has not reached the standard of changing tires. They do not know that although their car does not have much mileage, it has a long purchase period. Due to long-term exposure to the sun and wind, and placed in parking spaces, cracks and aging of tires have occurred. In this case, if the tire is not replaced in time, it is likely to burst.
The second situation is that the tire of the vehicle is damaged, and the owner may be too close to the shoulder when parking, causing damage to the side of the tire, and failing to check and change the tire in time. It may also be that the front or inside side of the tire is damaged by crushing hard objects while driving. Neither timely discovery nor timely replacement of tires. In high-speed driving, with the increasing pressure inside the tire, tire burst occurs because the location of the tire breakage can not withstand the pressure.
The third case is when a tire suddenly crushes into a hard object at high speed, resulting in a flat tire. Especially on the highway, a lot of hard objects left by large trucks fall directly on the road. Because of the rapid speed of the rear car, the small area of the object was not found in time. When the tire rolled over the object, the tire was torn, and then the tire burst occurred directly.
Yange said: It is a very wise choice to install tire pressure monitoring. Especially friends who like to go out for self-driving can check the tire pressure at any time. Although tire pressure monitoring can not completely prevent tire burst, it is possible to know for the first time whether the tire is stuck or leaked. If there is no tire pressure monitoring, it may be that when the driver finds that the tire is deficient, the gas inside the tire can no longer support the vehicle to continue driving.