Car Smart ----- What is the function of one button start?

The speed of development of the car is very fast, not only the improvement of performance, especially in the popularity of some technology, can be said to bring us a lot of technological experience. A few years ago a key start, or very rare, but now more than 100,000 cars, with this one function, it can be said that the popularity of the very in place, but many owners are only used to ignition, and do not know that it has other roles!
First: the whole car anti-theft. Now there are very few car thieves, but not completely disappeared. Can be started by a key can be locked on the car's oil circuit, circuit, ignition, even if the car thief how hard, it does not help, to steal the car, only this car are directly moved away. Theoretically speaking, the chances of driving away directly are very small.
Second: intelligent identification of people and cars. When the car once into the anti-theft state, a key start system only identified the owner carrying a spare key, although no key identification unlocked, and forced to hit the door, the computer system will determine that this is an illegal operation, and will issue an alarm to alert around.
Third: protection system. Like having a key start models, the car will be equipped with intelligent protection system, in order to ensure that the car is turned off after ten minutes, the vehicle will automatically power off, to protect the battery power, so that there will be no, because of the lack of power, start difficult situation.
Fourth: no need to start the engine, you can turn on the car power supply. We said in the previous article, the engine will actively cut off the power after 10 minutes after the engine is turned off. But what about? We can also start the engine without the case, directly press the button, you can normally use the car's electrical appliances. But we still need to pay attention to the battery power, or once there is a deficit, it will become very troublesome.
The above 4, does not require us to actually operate, but the automatic default function, so we feel very convenient when using the car, in fact, a large part on the credit of a key start.
One button start, not like a real switch, but like a collection of many functions of the button, although you do not know the role, but from time to time to affect you, which is a very good design. The other buttons on the car, also have their own usefulness, you can also open the manual to understand before you really use it, so there will be unexpected results.