Car tire pressure monitoring system performance advantages

Car tire pressure monitoring system, a set of tire pressure detection initialization system designed for the whole car factory.

Comprehensive advantages
TPM-IS is applicable to a variety of tire pressure sensors/models, with the characteristics of short time consumption and high efficiency, which can realize unattended production mode, and has been successfully applied by many auto immobilizer manufacturers.
TPM-IS adopts advanced control technology and stable and reliable precision equipment, and its stability and operability have reached the leading technical level in China.
It supports both fixed and follow-me modes.

Service Advantage
With an experienced and professional service team, we will continuously improve after-sales service and enhance customer satisfaction as the focus in our work. Effectively ensure the testing efficiency of automobile manufacturers.
System stability advantage
TPM-IS is a professional auxiliary system for automobile production, which can adapt to various complex working conditions, has strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable data transmission, no loss of effective data, no creation of wrong data, and perfect downgrading (backup) scheme.
1. Multiple entry of data
The system can adopt various ways such as automatic acquisition from the scheduling system, scanning by wired barcode scanning gun, scanning by wireless barcode scanning gun and keyboard entry to ensure the normal entry of data.
2. Double guarantee of main and backup system
Set up the main and standby two sets of systems with identical structure, when the main system fails or the vehicle fails to initialize in the main system, the standby system can take over the work behind.
3. Practical and flexible sound and light alarm
Provide sound and light alarm function when the system fails or initialization fails, freeing operators from the TPMS inspection line and truly realizing unattended production mode.
4. Seamless integration with all kinds of complex equipment
Using WIFI network, it can integrate identification, reading, writing and reworking devices to achieve seamless integration and data distribution of various devices.
Performance advantages
A variety of measures to effectively prevent vehicle detection sequence error
Has a strong error-proof function, which can effectively prevent missed inspection, wrong inspection and misplaced etc.
Provide mandatory entry function and queue reset function, through the scanning operation of the corresponding barcode can deal with the actual vehicle sequence and scheduling queue does not match the situation.
Practical and flexible control lock
Set to lock the vehicle positioning identification system and VIN scanning system at fixed time, so that they do not make sense to any interfering objects.
Dynamic recording of working conditions, real-time retention of working conditions before the sudden situation on the assembly line, to ensure the effective connection of the system to the detection of working conditions.
Multiple control of transmission chain
The built-in IO interface of the system can be seamlessly integrated with the drive chain to make the most efficient action according to the operation status of the drive chain, and the system can automatically alarm when there is a failure and stop the drive chain waiting for maintenance, so that the whole system can realize a more intelligent unattended mode.
Powerful report function
Provide report customization function, can customize various data reports according to user requirements.
Open data interface is provided, which can be seamlessly connected with various information systems, providing data support for users' existing reports and eliminating the trouble of data entry.
Online over-limit alarm and mode conversion
Online identification of sensor ID, pressure, temperature, acceleration, battery status and other information, and analysis and processing to give over-limit alarms.
Writing in information for secondary comparison and automatically identifying whether the receiver functions normally.
On-line mode conversion.
Fault self-diagnosis and self-healing system
the ability to automatically initialize all sub-devices when the system is started
capturing the abnormal status of the equipment and alarming in real time during system operation.
Periodic scanning of the status of all devices, with third-party interfaces available.
Detailed logging function to help maintenance personnel quickly locate faults and solve them