What are the ways of car anti-theft

1. Wheel lock

    The wheel lock is described as faithful and thick, more based on its working principle and appearance. As the name implies, the wheel lock is a large and heavy lock on the wheel to control the rotation of the wheel. It is also this "brute force" to complete the locking tool, so it is more in the work of a solid and stable feeling. The main advantage of the wheel lock is that it is so large and bulky that it is very difficult to damage it without using a key. At the same time, it is also very difficult to remove the wheel and complete the tire change directly under its large and bulky shell. So, this also provides more heavy security for the safety of the vehicle.

2. Steering wheel lock

    Speaking of steering wheel locks, I am afraid that we are most familiar with the vehicle anti-theft locks. Before the popularity of vehicle alarms, the steering wheel lock is almost a necessary safety device for each car. Speaking of its advantages, it is cheap, and convenient to use, but his thick iron rod but give drivers more peace of mind. Even if it is in the process of driving in the event of an emergency, the steering wheel lock can also play a more role in our hands. It really is a lock multi-purpose product. However, compared with the previously mentioned wheel locks, structural defects have become the biggest pitfalls of this once most audience locks. Due to the composition, the outer circle and spokes of the steering wheel lock are made of a very fragile plastic wrapped in a small aluminum alloy tube. In such a structure, as long as an industrial iron shears, you can easily dismantle the seemingly "strong" whole set of locks. Sometimes it is even faster than the time it takes to unlock a lock with a normal key. In this way, I am afraid that the role of this lock more or just scare people.

3. Shifter lock

    Shifter lock is a mechanical locking device that often appears in our cars in recent years. In our application, the shifter lock is not as bulky and troublesome as the wheel lock. At the same time, it can be more dexterous to choke the "throat of the vehicle", to achieve effective control of the vehicle. Compared with the previous two wheel locks and steering wheel locks, such locks can be supported as the most efficient anti-theft tools.

4. Electronic lock

     However, although the shifter lock can better control the end of the vehicle braking system, but it is difficult to ensure the safety of the entire vehicle. Once the thief has entered the interior of the vehicle, you can basically declare the failure of the alarm. Because when the thief in the car to open the car cover, from the engine compartment to adjust the gear control, even if the inside of the gearshift lock to grasp more firmly, but also ultimately difficult to escape the fate of the pendulum.

5. Electronic alarm device

   Currently, the most common is our electronic alarm device. As one anti-theft device per car, although it is difficult to ensure the safety of the vehicle at all. However, the owner can at least grasp the dynamics of the vehicle in a certain environment. From this point of view is obviously a great improvement over the silent mechanical lock. And for some more advanced vehicle alarm device. Not only can make the vehicle in the external intrusion to achieve the ability to alarm, but also has a certain fuel control and the overall control of the vehicle equipment. Thus, the vehicle can be more comprehensive safety protection.

However, the biggest problem with the current alarm device is that it has a high false alarm rate. This affects the accuracy of the alarm, which not only tests the patience of the surrounding residents, but also tends to have a negative impact on their own vigilance.

6. GPS anti-theft and vehicle monitoring system

    As the most modern vehicle anti-theft alarm equipment, Gps vehicle alarm device can be said to be the use of the highest technical content, the strongest availability of a technology, and in some of the current Beijing rental cars, gps anti-theft features have also been more widely used. For the gps alarm device. It can realize the setting and notification of its own position through the satellite positioning function, and at the same time, it can also realize the control of the vehicle through the control center. When necessary to achieve the purpose of the vehicle to stop running and so on. In addition to anti-theft function, the vehicle can also be used with the gps system to achieve more life applications. It can be said that this is an anti-theft alarm as the main driving life application platform.

     However, due to the lack of satellite coverage in some areas, the gps system also has a certain instability. And the high price, etc., are also the main problems that prevent people from applying it with confidence. Of course, there is also a problem that can not be ignored is that, under the protection of gps, although the vehicle can achieve a certain degree of control, but the facilities and goods inside the car can not be protected.