Car security equipment classification

Electronic type 
Car anti-theft devices, also known as microcomputer anti-theft devices, are mainly of the plug-in type, button type and remote control type. This anti-theft device controls the car's starting and ignition circuits through electronic devices. When the whole system is turned on, if someone illegally moves the car, opens the door, fuel tank door, engine cover, luggage compartment cover, or connects to the ignition circuit, the anti-theft device will immediately issue an alarm, flashing lights and sirens, and cutting off the starting circuit, ignition circuit, fuel injection circuit, fuel supply circuit, and even the automatic transmission circuit, so that the The car is completely paralyzed. The anti-theft device is hidden, fully functional, wireless remote control, easy to operate, and is a widely used anti-theft device in medium and high-grade cars.
Network type 
The network type anti-theft system is an internationally popular and advanced anti-theft method. It is a new type of car anti-theft method that fully summarizes the existence of the previous anti-theft methods. There are two main types of anti-theft systems: one is the global satellite positioning, wireless transmission via GSM to locate and track the car and anti-theft and robbery CAS anti-theft system, commonly known as "ground network". The biggest advantage of this type of anti-theft system is to change the traditional anti-theft device single technical defense function, but increased the function of human defense, it can be established in the sky and the ground "net" to the vehicle in a timely alarm and tracking positioning, so that the public security quickly to the police to chase and block the stolen vehicles possible, and this anti-theft system has blocked oil, circuit off Parking and other anti-theft and anti-robbery function.

 Fingerprint identification type 
Car fingerprint identification anti-theft system is the latest international popularity, but also the best anti-theft effect of the anti-theft system. It controls the circuit, oil circuit and starter motor of the car through fingerprint identification by the uniqueness of the biological characteristics of human fingerprint, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-theft. It mostly adopts physical connection, no spatial signal transmission, thus has functions such as anti-shielding; the irreproducibility and complexity of live fingerprint, thus can do anti-decoding and other characteristics. Fingerprint identification technology is divided into optical fingerprint identification technology and semiconductor capacitive in vivo fingerprint identification technology, of which the accuracy of semiconductor capacitive in vivo fingerprint identification technology is higher, of course, it also depends on the manufacturing process of the chip itself.
Remote control type
 Remote control type car alarm is developed with the progress of electronic technology, is the most widespread anti-theft equipment manufacturers to promote the most popular one. It features remote control of all the functions of the immobilizer, reliable and convenient, and can be equipped with vibration detection, door control protection and microwave or infrared probe. As the market demand for immobilizers continues to improve, remote control car immobilizers have added many additional features that are convenient to use, such as remote control central door locks, remote control sending and releasing hot and cold air, remote control electric doors and windows and remote control opening luggage and other functions.