Notes on the installation of car alarms

1、First of all, when disassembling and assembling the vehicle, we should be careful and understand the structure of various models clearly, and we should not disassemble and assemble without certainty to avoid causing losses to customers.
2、The circuit of various models should be found in a scientific way according to the regulations, not by experience. Only find the lines related to the car anti-theft equipment, do not be curious. It is strictly forbidden to test computer lines and airbag and ABS lines.
3, because many cars with computer will cause computer failure due to broken ignition line; brake with power-assisted models, steering wheel with power-assisted models, if broken ignition line (ON), in setting the anti-robbery, will be in about 30 seconds to put out the fire, at this time the vehicle at high speed, after the vehicle brakes as well as steering are very heavy or failure, will cause significant injury to third parties. Therefore, it is recommended to disconnect the starter motor line, do not break the ignition line.
4, when the ON line can be broken when the installation of models (such as carburetors, diesel cars without computers), 30A disconnector small white line to be connected to the ON line, the immobilizer on the output of negative electricity on the small yellow line to be connected to the small yellow line on the disconnector.